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3300 Lehigh Street
Allentown, PA 18103

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NEW! for ages 3 to 7
Ballerina Princess Dance Camp


Our philosophy at Dynamix is to educate dancers by teaching the art form of dance. This means that the majority of time spent in class will focus on technical skills needed to execute the most basic movements. All of our instructors are highly qualified either by dancing or competing professionally, or having earned degrees and/or certifications in their specified areas of expertise, including fitness.

Dance, as pure movement, is steps put to music not relating to any type of theme; also known as commercial. Dance, as the art form, primarily tells a story with one's body & communicates to the audience without using words. At Dynamix, we focus on the latter of the two.

A good attitude is what every student needs to achieve the best results during class. If you have faith in your instructor, listen to your corrections with an open mind, and show respect to the class and your teacher, then you have a positive attitude. Remember to leave any doubts about yourself at the door. Dance and sweat out all your frustrations from your daily routine, but most of all, have fun!

If you, or your children, are ready for the next step in dancing & fitness instruction, this is where you belong. We offer classes in all levels, from beginner through advanced, and students will be challenged and expected to work hard in class to obtain the maximum results. To say "dance is fun" is an understatement. Dance is a passion. Let Dynamix Dance Center keep that passion alive and growing, as we will strive to give the gift of dance.

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